How It’s Made

Naturally produced products within the beehive ensure that it is a clean and hygienic place which prevents growth of unwanted organisms.

Bees use fermentation and enzymatic reactions of honey and pollen to create their foods which they store in the beehive which is coated in propolis gathered from trees and plants which preserves everything.

Flow™ Hive

We use a Flow® Hive to carefully extract honey in a way that does not disturb the bees. This ensures that the honey is not only raw but fresh, bioactive and completely unprocessed. All the aromas and enzymes when collected are completely unchanged by the process itself.

Many natural products within honey are heat sensitive - This applies not only to the honey but also to the other bee products used within BuzzBalm®. The beehive is maintained by the bees at a controlled temperature of approximately 36°c. To ensure the biological properties are stabilised and enhanced, we mix the ingredients in quantities and at a temperature that replicate those that occur naturally within the beehive.

This maintains the nutritional value of BuzzBalm® and results in a luxurious cream that moisturises and nourishes.

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