The Story of BuzzBalm®

Background and the Mission of BuzzBalm®.

BuzzBalm’s mission is to:

Improve people’s skin using the natural ingredients of the beehive.

Help promote the benefits of natural products in a world that seems focussed on chemical based products.

Help protect the honeybee from a world full of chemicals that will potentially make them extinct.

Buzzbalm story

BuzzBalm® stems from the passion of Greater Manchester based beekeeper Tony Metters and Frank Ashton who both share a love of nature.

A life long beekeeper, Tony has spent over thirty years marvelling at the way honeybees live their lives and organise their society. He came to the realisation that beekeeping was not about managing beehives or producing honey, but helping the bees survive and prosper. Not many people realise that if it wasn’t for beekeepers, the honeybee in the UK would probably have become extinct.

In the present day companies often fail to fully investigate the benefit of natural ingredients, but instead promote unnatural substances for their own gain. Many people are afflicted by skin conditions  as a result of the toxins and chemicals that we routinely place on them.

Tony set about producing a product and developed a recipe that involved some careful formulating and researching (which as a trained chemist came naturally to him). After many experiments Tony was able to come up with a skin cream that actually worked to improve a whole range of skin conditions. He made, tested and approved the special formulation based on ancient traditional healing recipes.

Having tried it out with the help of many friends and family members he was convinced that the product did indeed have wonderful properties. Tony realised that his product was ideal for people with sensitive and problem skin, because it did not contain any unnatural chemicals, preservatives, emulsifying agents, colourings or fragrances. This convinced him to set up BuzzBalm®.

BuzzBalm® is a new cosmetic product inspired by the Honey bee. We hope you find it to be a healthy alternative for your long term skin care.

Bee Inspired!

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