Sue Moulton, Wales

“I use the balm every day, I like it, not sure on the cold sore front mind, could be helping as not had any since used but may be just a calm period for them! If I don’t have any for a few months I would say it’s def helping…. fingers crossed. I am preferring it as a lip solve also than others I have used. I am often plagued with coldsores, even though I take tablets every day for them also, so if I get through a few months without any I would say BuzzBalm will definitely be helping”

Sue has been using BuzzBalm’s Ultra Lip Balm for over 4 months now and updates us with the following:

“I have been using the BuzzBalm lip balm daily and have also been smearing over my upper lip and between my nose area as I get lots here also and so far since been doing this, I have not had any cold sores……yippee (also touching all and any wood near me!) I am also amazed at how well the little tin is lasting esp as I am using twice daily – which is good. Thanks for your emails and sample and I will defiantly be buying some more”

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