This miraculous all-purpose formula will amaze you. Since its launch this year it has already received many rave reviews.

I just wanted to send a message to say thank you. I recently received my first wee tub of balm and I’ve been using it daily. I’ve suffered from dry skin/psoriasis on my scalp for years and as a bald guy, it’s not the best. I’ve tried plenty of creams and balms over the years but somehow yours is the one that’s helped me damn near cure my issues. Honestly thank you so much, it’s helped more than you’ll ever know.

Ryan Smillie

I’d just like to thank you for your product!! I used to suffer with eczema as a baby and I grew out of it, however a month ago it came back and no other product was clearing it up.

Tia Rochelle

loved your product BuzzBalm all purpose skin care. I was suffering with a rash under my chin which I’d had for ages and nothing seemed to make it better but on using BuzzBalm my problem is clearing up very nicely.

Thank you Buzz Balm Team

J Sharples, Sale

“Love using my Buzzbalm lip balm in this hot weather! Keeping my lips nice and soft, so pleasant smelling and fresh“

Elsie M

“Thank you very much for recommending buzzbalm to me for after care for my tattoo. I have to say it was fantastic and helped with the healing process a lot. I also suffer from eczema on my hands and I tried the product on this also which it also helped to reduce.”

Dylan Wilding

“The lip balm that I bought for my daughter is fabulous.  She has always been troubled with cold-sores and she has tried every lotion and portion from the chemist and doctor.  Since using the lip balm, she hasn’t had one cold-sore.  It’s fabulous.  The cute little tin that it is in is handy enough for her to keep in her nurse’s uniform pocket, so it’s always to hand.  She never goes out without it.”

Kathryn Hodgkiss, Warrington

“I have been using the Manuka-Thyme for several months now and would highly recommend it. The balm is none greasy and absorbs well. I am a sufferer of cold sores especially in the winter months however this winter I have not had one break out, this maybe a coincidence but either way I am more than happy with this product.”

Julie Sephton 

“I really enjoy using this lip balm. It has a lovely natural smell. I used to use vaseline but prefer this as it is a lot less greasy and better quality, works really well on soothing cracked lips.”

Emma Barber

“We called this product the “magic potion” because it seemed to heal all sorts. I fell over on some ice and gravel and cut my hand which was bleeding and swollen and very sore. Within half an hour of applying BuzzBalm the throbbing had disappeared and you could visually see it was already healing. By the end of the day it looked like it was a 3 day old cut. I have a small tin and will continue to use. Try it – it really did work”


“I think your product is absolutely fabulous. It’s smooth, moisturising, smells amazing and has the nicest feel. My daughter is using it with other moisturisers because she has to apply every few hours all over. I think it will be a great success for any dry skin issues just because of its velvety feel .. many thanks”

Lucy Cooper, Christchurch

“I have been using buzzbalm for a few months now and have experienced excellent results. I am a long term eczema sufferer and I have tried a lot of pharmaceutical creams and ointments, some with very negative side effects. Buzzbalm is all natural and has really helped my skin stay moisturised, and it smells nice too!! I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks honey bees ! “

Richard, Bristol

“One customer is experiencing extremely good results with it clearing up some really angry eczema on her leg and another found it helped heal a nasty cut. I’ve moved from using it on my hands to my face and my feet and find it lovely on both”

Victoria, Retailer from Heaton Moor

“I evaluated your balm as a comparison against Puriya wonder balm on my athletes foot, I used one balm on each foot for 7 days. After a week both feet seemed to be equally clear of athletes foot “

Jim Newton

“My boyfriend  Jono is loving the buzzbalm. When he has to take anti histamines his skin gets super dry. Especially on the lips the buzzbalm really helps”

Sophia T Henfield

“I use the balm every day, I like it, not sure on the cold sore front mind, could be helping as not had any since used but may be just a calm period for them! If I don’t have any for a few months I would say it’s def helping…. fingers crossed. I am preferring it as a lip solve also than others I have used. I am often plagued with coldsores, even though I take tablets every day for them also, so if I get through a few months without any I would say BuzzBalm will definitely be helping”

Sue has been using BuzzBalm’s Ultra Lip Balm for over 4 months now and updates us with the following:

“I have been using the BuzzBalm lip balm daily and have also been smearing over my upper lip and between my nose area as I get lots here also and so far since been doing this, I have not had any cold sores……yippee (also touching all and any wood near me!) I am also amazed at how well the little tin is lasting esp as I am using twice daily – which is good. Thanks for your emails and sample and I will defiantly be buying some more”

Sue Moulton, Wales

“I though I would let you know how I used the BuzzBalm. I had scalded the inside of 2 fingers whilst cooking, I applied the BuzzBalm to the affected area and after a little stinging (no pun intended) the area calmed down and i had no further discomfort and even after a few days i only had minimal peeling. The area has fully recovered with no signs of any damage. Great Stuff”

Dave Thomas, Warrington

“I think your cream is great,  the areas on Isabel’s legs which were red,  not broken skin but red,  it soothed and over a few days,  the redness disappeared.  The broken skin stayed broken but did not feel dry.  At the moment,  we are also trying Kefir and no chocolate and that seems to be helping.  I am sending you an Amazon voucher to say thank you.  I think it is lovely and soothing and we are still using it when we need to so a big thank you,

Lucy C, Bournmouth

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