BuzzBalm® Truly Natural
Skin Care Inspired by the Honey Bee.

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BuzzBalm® – Natural Skin Cream

BuzzBalm brings together nature and applies it to skin care.

BuzzBalm® is an All Purpose Skin Cream and contains six of the most potent, moisturising and healing ingredients found in nature.

Containing a truly unique formulation that includes Melixir®, BuzzBalm is completely natural and was developed by beekeepers passionate about nature.

Our production process ensures the wellbeing of bees within the hive to protect the balance of nature. This allows us to produce the finest, 100% natural ingredients for use within our balms and skin creams.

What gives BuzzBalm® it’s magical properties?

The honeybee is one of nature’s wonder creatures. They use a synergistic blend of natural products in the beehive to help them prosper, the benefits of which have been recognised and celebrated for centuries.

Our understanding of how the honeybee creates a healthy environment within the beehive allows us to optimise the natural benefits of BuzzBalm®.

BuzzBalm products are 100% natural. Always.

Our belief is that nature holds the key to most things in life. We live in a world where we often rely on chemicals to manufacture skin creams and lotions. At BuzzBalm, we are proud to be able to harness the natural synergy of bee products for application to everyday skincare.

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